Tuesday, December 12, 2017

La Stampa - 27 Maggio 2016 E-book Download

Italian | 64 Pages | PDF | 9 MB Download: http://longfiles.com/7gpysmbl92gt/La_Stampa_-_27_Maggio_2016.pdf.html...



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Category: Newspaper | Release Date: 26 May 2016

Time and the Moment in Victorian Literature and Society E-book Download

English | 2012 | ISBN: 1107007429 | 300 Pages | PDF | 2,7 MB Sudden changes, opportunities or revelations have always carried a special significance in western culture, from the Greek and later the Christian kairos to Evangelical ...



Here you can download Time and the Moment in Victorian Literature and Society book in PDF, MOBI, EPUB or Amazon Kindle ready format as AZW3 free and full. Ro4S2rnQNx

Category: Cultures / Languages | Release Date: 05 Jun 2016

365 Journal Writing Ideas: A year of daily journal writing prompts, question E-book Download

English | 2013 | ISBN: 0957679300 | 250 Pages | EPUB | 2,5 MB Follow the undated daily journal writing prompts Tricks. Learn how to beat the blank page to start your journal writing practice, how to make the time to write, how to ...



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Category: Cultures / Languages | Release Date: 15 Jun 2016

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DC Comics - Bombshells 049 (2016) E-book Download

English | CBR | 24 Pages | 15.47 MB Download: http://longfiles.com/09okewe0eo4j/DC_Comics_-_Bombshells_049_(2016).cbr.html...



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Category: Comics | Release Date: 26 Jun 2016

Variational Analysis of Regular Mappings: Theory and Applications E-book Download

English | PDF,EPUB | 2017 | 509 Pages | ISBN : 3319642766 | 18.56 MB This monograph offers the first systematic account of (metric) regularity theory in variational analysis. It presents new developments alongside classical result...



Here you can download Variational Analysis of Regular Mappings: Theory and Applications book in PDF, MOBI, EPUB or Amazon Kindle ready format as AZW3 free and full. Ro4S2rnQNx

Category: Mathematics | Release Date: 29 Oct 2017

Neapolitan Mastiff: A Comprehensive Owner's Guide E-book Download

English | 2003 | ISBN: 1593782225 | 158 Pages | EPUB | 25 MB Traces the history of the breed, describes breed standards, discusses care and grooming requirements, and includes information on training. Download: http://longfiles.co...



Here you can download Neapolitan Mastiff: A Comprehensive Owner's Guide book in PDF, MOBI, EPUB or Amazon Kindle ready format as AZW3 free and full. Ro4S2rnQNx

Category: Animals related | Release Date: 19 Nov 2017

Monday, October 31, 2011

Gorgeous Cape Cod Bride

We had the privilege of working with a gorgeous Cape Cod bride this summer.  Amy was married to Grordie in August at the New Seabury Club in Mashpee.   She was looking for a 'beachy' but put together look for her Big Day and I'd say Christine and Christopher knocked that out of the park! 

Best Wishes Amy and Geordie!

Ceremony & Reception Venue: New Seabury Country Club 
A_Mazing Photographer:  A Brilliant Photo
Reverend: Donna Cunio
Make-up: Christopher, Wedding Tresses
Hair: Christine, Wedding Tresses
Cup Cakes: Debbie Peloquin

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DIY | A Bride's Curly Bun

This fresh spring wedding is one of Wedding Tresses Kayla's favorites.  She designed this Cape Cod Bride's makeup look to show the bride's natural beauty and brought focus to her gorgeous eyes.

Wedding Tresses Hair Designer Christine needed to ensure this smooth style would stay humidity proof and look touchable - we both just LOVE Sebastian hair spray for that!

To recreate this look on your self simply blow out your hair first upside down for volume and second with roll brush. Then hot roller the back of your hair and when the rollers have curled release the hair and pin into place creating curly bun.  Tease where needed as you go - and use Sebastian Re Shaper!
Hope you enjoyed looking at Heather's Wedding Look.  To see more check out Bello Photo ~ xoxo  Jacki Norrie

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ocean Cliff, Newport RI

 This amazingly gorgeous Newport Rhode Island  bride held her nuptials at Ocean Cliff Resort on a gorgeous summer day.   Jacki Norrie and Holly from Wedding Tresses helped her create the beauty look that she envisioned for her Big Day.  Just look at how she radiated joy and confidence....  And doesn't he look at her with adoration?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Spy... the... Bride!!

In a new Segment titled "I spy....the...BRIDE!"  we give you a fly on the wall approach to one of our bride's wedding mornings..... Watch as Jacki Norrie completes her bridal hair and makeup look with the donning of the Tika.

"I spy the bride - the tika"


Traditional Persian Bridal Jewelry ~ The Tika

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trend Following: The RETRO Bride

Trend Following: The RETRO Bride

Take a look in any fashion magazine and you’ll probably encounter at least one reference to the “Retro” style that has been rapidly gaining popularity. Whether it be red hot lips, knee-high A-line skirts, heavily lined-eyes, or perfectly curled hair, we are seeing influences from the 40’s and 50’s all over, including celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Megan Fox, and Amy Winehouse. It’s only natural that brides have started to bring the Retro feel to their weddings.

So exactly what hair and make-up details can change an ordinary 21st century bridal look into a retro bridal look. One of the growing vintage trends in bridal hair is the pill box veil, a smaller than traditional netting usually attached to a hat or another small headpiece. While barely concealing the bride’s face, it adds a 1940’s whim and with many different sizes and styles the pill box veil has variety for today’s retro bride.
If your deciding not to go with a veil at all a simple vintage hairpiece will add retro flare. Try one with oversized feathers like style icon Sarah Jessica Parker in her Sex and the City wedding. Go with all white feathers in darker hair colors and brighter colors like teal for bride‘s with lighter hair so the hairpiece will pop. The feathers have a vintage flapper feel to them. Then choose a style, any style, that best suits you, whether it’s an up-do or flowing curls because it’s the vintage veil or hairpiece that is going to kick up the retro look without compromising your personal style.

The retro bridal look doesn’t end there. As a matter of fact all of these details need to coexist to complete the look. If you just have a vintage hairpiece, but natural, modern make-up your look won’t quite translate to retro. If you want to follow this growing trend its time for RED, RED, RED. Lips that is, which is probably one of the most symbolic trends of the retro style. It’s a sophisticated and super feminine symbol, but can be tricky to execute the perfect red lip. First, making sure your lips are fully moisturized, use a natural lip colored liner to line the lips in short feathered strokes, then blend with your finger. Lining the lips is extremely important in the prevention of the lip color bleeding into the skin surrounding your lips, especially with a bold color like red. Then it’s time to layer. Paint the lip color using a lip brush, blot any excess onto a tissue. Now take a single tier of a tissue and cover the lips, using a powder brush dab some loose face powder onto the lips with the tissue still in between, this is part of the setting process. Now time to layer again and as many times needed to achieve the red your looking for. Finish with a little red tinted lip stain to add shine and long lasting wear ability. It’s also a smart idea to give the lip color or stain and compact mirror to a bridesmaid to hold onto for possible touch-ups.

With many faces and many interpretations of the retro look red lips and heavily lined eyes are a constant. To achieve defined and heavily lined eyes a gel liner is best, but requires a tad bit of practice. Complete any shadow application first as we wouldn’t want to dull the line with any loose shadow. Stick with lighter shadows like creams, pinks, and lavenders so the liner will pop. Then with a steady hand and small angled brush dip into your pot of gel liner and begin to draw. Build your liner in small even strokes starting on the outside and working your way in. Having your liner slightly thicker on the outside opens the eyes right up. On the very outer edge of your eyes you can add a slight kick in your liner turning up and out to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn.
So let’s see an amazing hair style with vintage accents: CHECK! Red Lips: CHECK! And Heavily lined eyes: CHECK! You’ve got the basic details for your retro look, now it’s time to explore retro details for the rest of your wedding! Good Luck!
Kayla Manchester
Make-Up Artist
Wedding Tresses RI

hair and makeup by Jacki Norrie, Boston Wedding Tresses
Photography by Person+Killian, Boston

Friday, November 13, 2009

Mantilla Veils...

Brides often bring Mantilla veils with them when they come in for a trial run before the big day and more often than not, they sheepishly avoid saying the word Mantilla and simply use "veil". Let's dispel the question now and set you all to ease - it is "Man - tee - ya". I know, I know - it is just like that crazy french term "chignon" we chatted about last month....

A favorite article of adornment by Queen Isabel II of Spain, Mantilla veils became an item of popular dress during her reign in the mid 1800's. It quickly fell out of favor upon the exile and eventual abdication of the Queen as it was seen as a form of support to the dethroned Queen. In the region of Andalusia women continued to employ the mantilla as a way to cover their heads durning religious event, during Holy Week, and for meeting with the Pope. It is believed that this is the genesis of the popularity with Catholics as an adornment during First Communion and wedding ceremonies.

Mantillas are sleek and sophisticated and without the pouf associated with bridal veils. They are meant to be worn alone with a beautiful border being the focus of attention. The shape of the veil is oval or round and is one single layer of fabric. The borders can range in size and material; some are wide bands of lace, and others are full of lace to the center, with scalloped edges, and yet some have tiny piping along the border giving a touch of definition. This graceful veil can be short or full cathedral length.

There are 3 main types of Mantilla Veils:

1. "Blonda Lace Mantillas": these are handmade comprised of two types of silk and the lace is floral themed.
2. "Chantilly Lace Mantills": are heavily embroidered with vegetable, fruit or floral designs. They are named after the region in France that the lace comes from.
3. Modern Lace: are embroidered tuille and a blend of the Chantilly and Blonda Lace styles. This is what brides today mostly wear.

How to wear a Mantilla Veil:
Drape the Mantilla over the head
Pin or attach with a small comb on the top of the head
Drape the material so it softly frames the face and upper body.

They are simple, yet elegance at its best. If you wear one for your wedding day - send me a photo! Jacki Norrie

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Do We Speak the Same Language??

Earlier this year I had a bride come in for her pre-wedding makeup consultation who asked for a Smoky Eye look for her wedding day. We chatted as I worked about the details of her wedding; she was an afternoon bride, church ceremony, photos inside, windowless reception location, bridesmaids in powder blue... When I was finished with her makeup she looked at herself and said, "No - more smoky". So more smoke I did... Again she looked and said, "I want more smoke, this is not right..." Ok...more depth at the lid...more light on the brow...darker sweep under eye... And STILL - "No, no. More Smoky." I am thinking at this point that we are dangerously close to Las Vegas Hooker, is she serious??I asked her to tell me exactly what "smoky eye" means to her without looking in the mirror. What she begins to describe is not a "smoky" eye, but rather a "bright" eye. HUGE difference! Polar opposite. Left and Right. Up and... you get the point. So with a laugh, I began again.

When you use specific verbiage to describe what you want, you are assumed to know precisely what you are asking for. This can, and as your read above, create confusion and miscommunication. The word "chignon" is the most overused and misunderstood word in formal hairstyling; due to that, when a bride asks for a chignon, I ask her to describe the look to me, without using that particular word (7 out of 10 times, it is not a chignon...). Use your words to describe to us your thoughts, grab your hair and show us where you might want it placed, pull out your lipstick and show us the color you love. As a professional it is our job to understand your layman's terminology not your responsibility to understand us.

We may all speak English, but we don't all speak "hair" or "makeup", and because of this, I am a firm believer that photographs are the best tool to allow the Artist and the client to begin to speak the "same" language. I know what you are thinking, you can find the photo - you have no idea what you want. You don't have to love the whole photo you bring in, rather you can love the back on this one, the front sweep on this one, the height of this one and you hate everything about this one (yes, showing us what you don't like helps us to narrow down what you do). I've had times where I have constructed a custom design from more than six photographs and without them, I would not have been able to get to the end result as quickly as we did.

Ask and ye shall receive - just remember to do it in your own words! Let me know if you need help and I would be happy to translate for you! Jacki Norrie

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Creative & Classic Wedding Hairdo!

I just received a few photos from a wedding Wedding Tresses took part in last month. The bride, Sarah, was such a sweet woman with a sense of style that was refreshing to work with. She has such originality and wanted that reflected in her bridal "look". I had such a great time working with her and her maids - they kept me laughing all morning.
Check out some of the getting ready photos and the amazing hair style we created for her!

here we are putting on the finishing touches...Every angle of this hair design was fun and different...

Sarah and her maids looked so amazing!

check out Emily Sterne for more photos!