Friday, December 01, 2006

“Dirty” Hair is Best for Bridal Updos!

It is important on the day of the wedding that your hair is NOT freshly shampooed if you want an updo or ½ updo that will stand the test of time and allow you to boogie on down till the break of dawn. I know it’s hard, but squeaky clean hair is extremely silky and limp, it has fly-away ends, and doesn’t have the grip needed to create full, voluptuous curls or smooth sexy hair with body and lift. No matter how skilled the designer, unless time is not of the essence (in which case we can “dirty” it for you), clean hair is too difficult to work effectively with in a timely manner. Cleansing the day before is the standard recommendation in the hair design industry. Having yesterday’s product in your hair is a bonus. Be sure that what you use the day before will be a benefit to and not a hindrance to the wedding day look. For example, a product used with a flat iron to create a smooth silky look for the night before won't work well with a wedding day style that includes curls. Wedding Tresses calls this “Rehearsal Dinner Hair”.

It is hard, very hard for some to not suds up, but I promise, the results are beyond worth it.

By Christine Enwright,
Wedding Tresses Hair Designer

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