Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Flawless Foundation

How to Choose the Correct Foundation Color for Your Complexion

When choosing the right foundation you must first understand that a smooth palate (your facial skin) is critical to creating a flawless finish. Be sure to gently exfoliate and then apply a light moisturizer, or a hydrator, to properly prepare your skin. This ensures a smoother, more even application. When selecting the right shade, apply the color along the jaw line making a stripe. As the stripe dries it should stay a beige color. If any discoloration such as yellow or orange appears you need to try another shade in the same manner. Know that the artificial shading of yellow or orange will deepen as it wears. This is not the look you are going for. Once you have found the color that works well with your body chemistry and stays a true beige tone, you have succeeded in finding your foundation shade.
To create that flawless finish we spoke of, begin by smoothing your foundation onto your prepped skin with either a brush, sponge, or your fingers starting at the bridge of the nose and working out toward your hair line. This will give you more coverage in the middle of your face where you need it and feather out to less coverage as you approach your hairline where you do not want to see a line of demarcation. You want to seal the shade into the skin so that it appears like your skin is flawless not the makeup. This is done by dampening a sponge with water and gently working, and buffing, the foundation into the skin. You may need to repeat this process two or more times to get the coverage even. Once that step is complete, apply a layer of powder to the skin with a fluffy brush or powder puff to lock in the color. Remember to work the powder into the skin in a downward circular motion working with the hairs on the face, not against them. This should ensure a long lasting, natural look to your skin.
Wearing foundation should look like your own skin, just enhanced!

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