Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wedding Tresses' Signature Bridal Eyes

I worked with one of the most beautiful brides today. It is truly a pleasure to spend time with a bride who radiates warmth and happiness on her special day; time seems to pass by quickly and it hardly seems like “work”.  Although this bride had a personality much like a serene and gracious princess and a smile that could melt glaciers- it was definitely her eyes that made her look amazing and set her apart from looking like a run-of-the-mill bride. I was thinking about her eyes on the way home and thought every bride should have the opportunity to look so lovely on her wedding day. It is with that intent that I share with you the "ingredients" of Wedding Tresses' Signature Bridal Eyes so you too can step away from the crowd and look amazing on your wedding day.

Wedding Tresses's lead makeup artist, Jacki, created a glow about the eye with a specific combination of eye shadows that flattered the bride's warm brown eye color and glammed up the look with the addition of individual black false lashes. You will need to customize the placement of the colors on your eyes to enhance your particular eye shape, but no matter your eye color, the shadows you use can be the same. The color combination is made up of:

Oyster - a light, bright cream colored shimmer shadow used for highlight on the brow bone
Suede - a rich chocolate color in matte applied in the contour of the eye
Ecru - a buff/tan matte color used to on the lid and as a blending medium

The eye was further enhanced with a fairly thick line of Black/Brown eyeliner applied to the upper lash line, close to the eyelashes.

The true Glam came when Jacki applied individual false lashes in black to the outer, upper lash line. No lashes were applied on the inner lash line to keep the drama at a maximum while keeping the look real and the eye "open". One quick coat of water proof mascara is all that was needed for this look. And what a look it was - simply gorgeous!

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