Monday, November 27, 2006

Where is Bridezilla???

A few years ago I had become earnestly interested in the elusive creature known as "Bridezilla". Although I have often heard hype and stories about her and have witnessed the TV specials on the Discovery Channel... or maybe it was TLC… I've yet to encounter this mythical creature.

Anyway, she, not unlike Ole Nessie herself, seemed a little fishy to me. So I decided to hunt her down and see for myself is she truly existed or if she was just another Jerry Springer-esque myth. After watching many hours of important footage, I came to the conclusion that if real, she must to be related to the Gremlin (you remember, from the critically acclaimed film-"Gremlins" and the less successful sequels). For instance, they don't like to get wet (we all know what humidity can do to hair if not properly prepped with product), they seem so nice and then attack in an instant, and should not be fed alcohol after a certain hour. After studying the footage, I devised my plan to search far and wide- well, mainly the greater Boston area but - during the high season. This may sound dangerous, but I did my research. Without telling anyone I was secretly searching, I went head on into her own territory- I became a Bridal Hair Designer with Wedding Tresses. I have spent the past 3 seasons exclusively working with brides from Boston to Cape Cod, from Providence to Newport. I have searched high and low and still Bridezilla has eluded me at every step. With all my careful research and planning I have yet to encounter this creature. Is she a myth? Is she real? Where in the world is this Bridezilla? No matter where I looked all I could find was happy and excited brides- just normal girls.

It seems hard for me to believe she is real. With all the love and happiness and good feeling in the air at every wedding I go on location to- not a Bridezilla to be found.

Mother-of-Bridezilla? Maybe…

KT Renner,
Wedding Tresses Hair Designer

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