Friday, November 10, 2006

Under Eye Puffiness... The Cure!

We are often asked, or rather bombarded upon by brides as we enter the door on their wedding day, what can be done for under eye puffiness?? For a multitude of reasons, brides are prone developing issues with the skin surrounding the eye: lack of sleep, stress, dehydration... Prevention really is the key- but, try telling that to a bride who is scurrying around tying up all loose ends in the few short days she has before the wedding. If the blessed day has arrived and you find yourself with monstrous mounds beneath your lids, relax and have a cup of tea. Caffeinated tea bags are the best thing you can do for the immediate relief of under eye puffiness.

Follow these simple steps to prepare the miracle bags:

Boil (not microwave) enough water for two cups of tea
Pour boiling water over the tea bags into the cups (don't add tea bags after water)
Let the bags steep for 3 minutes
Gently squeeze the bags of liquid and set on a plate
Place the plate in the freezer for 15 minutes
Sip and enjoy the cup of tea while you wait
Lie down comfortably and place the bags directly on of the puffy lump (not on the eye lid)
Relax, without talking, for 15-20 minutes

This process will not only take care of your eyes, but will serve to give you a quiet time out and relax you for a few minutes, letting you collect your thoughts and get on with the business of your wedding day.

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